One of the most common interview questions that you are bound to get will be what are some of your weaknesses? While it is difficult to admit to our shortcomings, the interviewer’s intention is not to make you uncomfortable by any means, but rather to see that you are able to identify them, and see how you have made an effort to face them head on.

Most articles online would encourage you to transform your weakness into a strengths but some people turn this around. They would, for example state that their weakness is that they are too much of an perfectionist this would only make you seem arrogant and make the interviewer roll their eyes at you.

The best way to approach this is to be still and really be honest with yourself. If you want to have your dream job, you need to address your weaknesses and where your limitations are, only then can you grow not only with you job prospects, but also within yourself.

I for one had a fear of talking in front of a group of people in a formal setting. I used to dread it and didn’t find anything intelligent to say until after everyone was far gone. Knowing that this shortcoming will limit my growth, I decided to start a “meetup” group where I would be the host.

The purpose of the group was to share my knowledge on a topic such as Facebook for business. This not only helped my confidence, but also let me to meet and connect with like minded individuals that want to better themselves as well.

The question what are you weaknesses should not be seen as a dreaded question, but rather a challenge to yourself to see what you can do to improve a quality that has been ignored for far too long.