Having a goal is one thing, acting upon it and doing something to reach it is a whole other story. Goals are there to keep us motivated, give purpose and in a way keep us accountable to achieve the next thing.

Long term goals can seem overwhelming, especially if you look at where you are know and where you want to be. We always look for instant gratification without realizing that the small steps we take is in fact the big changes we are looking for to ultimately achieve the goal.

Below are a few tips and tricks you can start today to get you closer to your goal

How to achieve your goals

  • The Ultimate Goal

The first thing you want to do is find a quiet environment away from any and all distractions. This is about you and your goal.

Write down exactly what it is that you want to achieve, the whole ordeal. Make sure it realistic and achievable and don’t leave anything out.

  • Short Term Goal

Now that you have it written down on paper, write down steps that will lead you closer to the goal.

Break the ultimate goal down into smaller short term goals. By doing this, you come to realize what your next step is going to be and become less overwhelmed by it all.

  • Plan, Plan, Plan

After writing down your short term goals, it is time now to start planning how you will achieve those goals. Start by writing down what needs to happen first and go from there. Once you see that part of the goals can be done today…it gets exciting to see you start scratching items from the list you completed.

It is absolutely imperative that this section keeps on moving forward. Always have a plan!

  • Measure

Look at what you have completed, are you ahead or behind schedule? Why?

Measuring your plan will keep you accountable, if you don’t keep yourself accountable, you will fail. Be sure to look where you are at the end of each week to see what you can do to improve your productivity or give yourself a break…

Overall, achieving your goals is both rewarding and exciting! Keep yourself motivated and inspired until you succeed!