Hashtags have become the norm in all social media platforms. Using hashtags, allows not only your followers to see your content, but anyone else searching or who are interested in those keywords.

It is therefore vital to know which hashtags to use where and when. Not only that, but also which hashtags is currently going viral for your industry.

Some hashtags are used commonly by everyone, such as:

  • Mondays :     #mondaymotivation
  • Thursdays:    #tbt (through back Thursday)
  • Fridays:         #fridayfeeling

Joining these types of hashtags could mean reaching new clients for your company. Below is a list of 5 free ways to know which hashtags are currently used that could help your social media following.

  1. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a very easy to use platform for searching hashtags.

How it works: Simply search a keyword in the search bar that you want to use as a hashtag and 10 trending alternatives will be displayed. You are also able to see the top 6 influencers currently using the hashtag to get some inspiration.


2. RiteTag

RiteTag allows you to see how relevant the hashtag is that you are using.

How it works: Type in the hashtag that you want to use, and see how well they are currently trending by the color that is displayed as shown below.


3. Hashtags.org

Hashtasg.org is a site that shows you how the hashtag you are planning to use is trending throughout the day.

How it Works: By selecting the hashtag you want to use, you are able to see how well it is doing that day, week or month. It also gives you a graphical representation on how frequent the tweets are regarding that topic, who is using it and how many times it has been used.

4. Trends Map

Trendsmap  is a great way to see what the world is talking about.

How it works: Simply drag your cursor around the map to see what is being said around the world. You can choose to see the hashtag, keyword and / or users. It is very interesting and extremely useful if you have an online business to reach those clients and start a conversation.

5. Twitter

Of course, hiding in plain sight, twitter itself can be used to follow the latest trends.

How it works: On your homepage, in the left column, you can see what is trending in your city and modify it if you want to see what is trending elsewhere. You can also search the search bar for your hashtag.